11 Halloween Safety Tips for Birmingham Drivers

There you are, driving through the neighborhood, minding your own beeswax on Halloween night. Egad! It appears Birmingham has become infested with mutants, ghouls, and the cutest fairytale princesses in all the land! But don’t worry; this is all just make-believe. Gently take your foot off the pedal and let those little goblins trick-or-treat in peace.

Playfulness aside, it’s important to drive super-safe on Halloween. Second only to Black Friday and the major “traveling” holidays, October 31 is the most dangerous date for drivers and pedestrians. Children don’t make a habit of crossing streets properly, and as such, are 200% more at risk of being struck by a car while trick-or-treating than any other night. Follow these 11 driving safety tips to ensure you don’t make the news this Halloween.

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15 Obvious Signs of a Drunk Driver (& How to Report Them)

St. Patrick’s Day can bring out the worst in drivers. Between 2012 and 2016, approximately 69% of all fatal crashes on St. Patty’s Day were caused by drunk driving, and ¾ of those crashes involved a driver whose blood alcohol level was 2 times the legal limit of 0.08.

Although nothing can eliminate the risk of exposure to drunk drivers this St. Paddy’s Day, you can avoid dangerous on-road situations by spotting these 15 common warning signs of someone driving while intoxicated.

1. Weaving Between Lanes

An inability to maintain lane position is the #1 sign that a driver is impaired. According to police, a driver is 50% more likely to be intoxicated if they are zig-zagging between lanes or swerving to stay within the lines.

2. Driving Without Headlights

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2018’s Nine Best Autumn Events in Birmingham, AL

Autumn Events in Birmingham, AL

Don’t dilly-dally and put off planning your fall 2018 schedule of excitement. If you need something fun to do in Birmingham this autumn, take our advice and mark your calendars with one of these 9 great local events. Some are for families, some are for adults, but all of them should keep you entertained from September through December.

MotoAmerica Championship of Alabama (Season Finale)

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