11 Halloween Safety Tips for Birmingham Drivers

There you are, driving through the neighborhood, minding your own beeswax on Halloween night. Egad! It appears Birmingham has become infested with mutants, ghouls, and the cutest fairytale princesses in all the land! But don’t worry; this is all just make-believe. Gently take your foot off the pedal and let those little goblins trick-or-treat in peace.

Playfulness aside, it’s important to drive super-safe on Halloween. Second only to Black Friday and the major “traveling” holidays, October 31 is the most dangerous date for drivers and pedestrians. Children don’t make a habit of crossing streets properly, and as such, are 200% more at risk of being struck by a car while trick-or-treating than any other night. Follow these 11 driving safety tips to ensure you don’t make the news this Halloween.

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Driving Tips for People with Poor Eyesight

Did you know that August is National Eye Exam Month? These unofficial U.S. “holiday observances” are typically too silly to even mention – we’re looking at you, National Macadamia Nut Month – but August’s is quite the opposite, particularly when it comes to drivers and general road safety.

driving poor eyesight

Look, it’s not rocket science: good eyesight is essential when you’re driving. You rely on those peepers more than any of your other senses. Over 150 million adults in America wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. Yet there are some strays – about 13 million, to be exact – who refuse to wear corrective eyewear or even have their vision tested. To those people, we hope you never get behind the wheel. To the other 150 million potential drivers, here are a few tips to ensure your bad vision doesn’t get the best of you.

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Auto Financing Terms Every New Car Buyer Should Know

Stepping foot on a showroom floor should be a fun and worry-free experience. Unfortunately for most shoppers, the entire process of financing a car can be stressful and downright confusing, especially when the auto finance manager throws around technical jargon. To avoid such confusion, it’s important to become an educated and well-informed customer.

As the area’s preferred car dealer in Birmingham, we want to ensure each of our customers has the right tools at their disposal when researching, choosing, and buying a car. That’s why we went ahead and put together a list of common (and uncommon) car loan and finance terms. When it’s time to sign your auto loan papers, you’ll feel like a car-buying veteran.

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